In highschool, what clique did you fall into?

@emagyne (665)
United States
January 7, 2007 9:56pm CST
I remember you had the smart kids, the band geeks, the rednecks, the regular was so many. And oh yeah, the preppy ones. I think I feel into the regular group. I made good grades but I wasnt the debate team or honor roll type. I wasnt preppy and Im black so I wasnt redneck. What clique did you fall into or what clique would you would have like to have been in? Or if you are still in high school, what clique are you in?
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@sindai (204)
• Canada
8 Jan 07
hmmmm....i think I was one of the artistic ones. I was in drama and music. But I liked everyone. I didn't really stick to a clique. I was friends with the geeks, the jocks, the goths, the ginos and ginas, the metalheads and the preps (which were the popular ones).
@emagyne (665)
• United States
8 Jan 07
Thanks for responding. What are ginos and ginas? I never heard of those!