why is it theres a discrimanation if you are an asian?

January 7, 2007 10:28pm CST
lets face it.The american,europian has a discrimanation if you came from an asian country.i always thought WHY?is it because we have dark hair while the other have their own blond curly hair?is it because some of the asian have their CHINITO AND CHINITA eyes while the other have their perfect round eyes?is it because the asian is smaller in height than others?or is it because asia is poorer than other continents lyk america and europe?" but if you will see.the asian people have more capability than of others.the small but one of the industrious and high technology country like japan is the best example.given the fact that its land area is so small,they are gifted with the citizen that are so genious and smart to invent and create new technology. we know that some of our latest gadgets that we use in our daily life came from japan.like the cellphone,cofeemaker,robot,electricfan..and many more. we must realize that america was just copying some of the inventions from the asian community. therefore,we also must realize that difference in color,language nor nationality\community is not a reason for OTHERS to discrimanate people.we must see that all people have their own differences in culture,way of living and believings.so we must accept that differences. if the europians,americans can do a thing,the industrious asian can also. we are just the same as others. im proud to be an asian boy.
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