what is the process of marriage in ur traditions/religion?

@mcarps79 (1262)
January 8, 2007 1:08am CST
For me....it is of atleast 10 days process....... 1. girl/boy started to masag turmaric powder...that is known as (bana bath gaya)...means for 7 days turmeric powder will be masaged regulary 2-3 time s daily with singing songs and very intersting manner.... For Boy 2. One 7th day all invities are invited to celebrate the ocassion, many invities helps in doing arrangments required. all will take lunch/dinner in pangat( sit in a line with food in front to eat). 3. then on same day Julus(with all music systems) all moves round whole the village and dance all....who is interested...enjoys this moment a lot... 4. then move to girls home(known as BARAT). 5. then BARAT will be receved with so much respect at girl's home by girls parente/relatives. 6. then again JULUS in girls village....whole round the vlllage...agains enjoys ths a lot. 7. Then Groom will enter in girls home...all puja/mantra done by pandit. 8. There gr8 mining of 7 FARE(rounds around the fire) in India...as per indian mythes if anybody has moves with girl around fire 7 times , she became his wife and no body can ditach then . 9. finally groom takes his wife at groom's home....BARAT returned to home..... thats alll pls say ur process........
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