Wat is god !!!

January 8, 2007 4:06am CST
Is it the absence of something u know or is it the presence of unknown....is it like hot n cold, as cold is just to explain that hot or heat is not present in the desired amount....minus 40degree celius can be cold ,but nevertheless its heat... So its not about having something but our notion of filling the void..!!
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@swasti (1157)
• India
8 Jan 07
well it is 1. present everywhere but cannot be seen anywhere 2. which both inside of u and outside of u 3. which is colourless 4. shapeless 5. formless 6. timeless 7. everliving 8. God has no start and no end. 9. He is both full and empty 10. He is void 11. If u take the full from oGOd still full of him remains.(This is a precheaching about GOd from our Holy book GITA , which is a book of hindus"). well there are much more words on GOd ...i have said a few in them.