KAI iz the best blader

January 8, 2007 5:20am CST
Do u think tht kai is the best blader? REply with ur comments...
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• Nigeria
18 Feb 07
I agree he is the best beyblader,the fight btw him and brooklyn proves that.Tyson could never defeat brooklyn in his wildest dreams.
• India
14 Mar 07
Did Tyson win with Brooklyn? Or was it a tie? Anyway he can't win alone. Not without the help from his friends. But Kai defeated him alone. That makes Kai the best
@Wulfric (160)
• India
18 Jun 07
Kai has true beyblading spirit..
@yamato (9)
4 May 07
so wat do u think is tyson is the best blader.tyson always win coz he have more luck than kai.but kai is superp,powerful,smart,intelligent and if u remember kai taught tyson special tactics of beyblade.
• India
14 Mar 07
Kai is indeed the best beyblader. The magic he brings to the beystadium cannot be matched by anyone. His battle with Brooklyn was absolutely awesome. The only reason Tyson won against Kai was that he had a lot of rest before the battle, while Kai just finished off Spencer and Bryan and immediately battled. I must say he is the most enduring beyblader, even more than Ray (Ray vs Bryan). Kai is sooo precise and accurate. No matter how many times I watch "Blazing gigs",it fills me wit awe.