Ahhh A parents nightmare!!! Homework

@ladybear (128)
January 8, 2007 5:50am CST
Okay so last night I was sitting at the dinning room table with my son and we were doing his math homework. My husband and dsughter were sitting in the living room arguing over her German homework. Anyway it was math and all we had to do was messurge the sides of differnt triangels and squares and then draw the object different times bigger or smaller. Piece of cake right. Well it would have been fine if my daughter had just kept her big mouth shut. But she was mad because my husband according to her was being unfair and to critical about the grammar in her homework. Well that had to go out over her little brother so while we were messurging these objects she comes with some comment about his ruler not being good enough because there was a picture of Winnie the Pooh on it. He ofcourse got upset so I went in and got a clear plastic ruler of my desk and we started all over. Of course we had to redo all the questions besause the two rulers didn't give the same answers. This made him freak that how would he know if the ruler we were using gave the correct answer? Okay this was taken way to long for no reason at all. Fine I get up and find anouther ruler. So we start all over agian with the third ruler. Once agian the answers are not the same. He is still flipping out over that his homework will be incorrect so I go to the basement and get my husbands meter stick to check and see if an og the rulers have the same measurments on them at that does. Okay we only had to do 25 problems this should not be causing so many problems. So here I was sitting with three different rulers and my husbands meter stick and all I wanted was to know how much a centimeter was. I mean the question wasn't what is the meaning og life even though I know the answer to that one and it is 42 (thanks to the hitch hikers guide to the galaxy) So how did I get this night to end? Well he got to pick a ruler, we did the assignment and I wrote a noe to his teacher asking which ruler she would recommend that we used when doing math homework? And that we had tried with three differnt rulers and did not come up with the same answers. I can't wait to hear what she says.
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