Social Security & Illegal Mexicans ... What's Your Take?

United States
January 8, 2007 8:59am CST
I was watching a news report the other day and the reporter was talking about a deal that President Bush made with Vicente Fox that would allow a legal Mexican (approved through immigration procedure for lack of a better word) to earn social security benefits earned while he or she worked illegally in the U.S. A good example would be to say that a Mexican has worked illegally for ten years, five years ago he marries a U.S. citizen, the couple applies to USCIS for the guy to live and work legally in the U.S., and today he's approved. Instead of being eligible to count social security benefits the day he's approved, he back dates ten years ago and earns benefits since the very first paycheck. I know that for someone to legally migrate to the U.S. is an expensive process. Each step of the application process costs hundreds of dollars, and can take years to complete. My take on the situation is that anyone who pays social security should be able to collect it, plus not every illegal Mexican will stay in the U.S. permanently either. What's your take on the situation? And if you disagree with my take, tell me why. I'm really trying to understand the effects of immigration on the U.S. and how people feel about sharing social security.
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