Insanity - define it.

January 8, 2007 7:41pm CST
I'm writing a book called War Is A State Of Mind, about the human mind at war. I want to know what people classify as "insane". (Other than starting discussions like this.) Any combat soldiers or ex-combatants, or people who've experienced war, say what you think of your experiences.
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• Philippines
18 Feb 07
Insanity is actually an abnormal state of mind. when a person is not in his/her usual self and is doing crazy things i can call it insanity. insanity can't always be regarded as a negative word. it can also be taken as a synonym of the word crazy which some of the time is associated with jokes and funny people.
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• Australia
18 Feb 07
The word does seem to adapt to the society, doesn't it? Insanity, in context, seems to be rather relative.