How do you make money (off of the internet)

Getting her hair done - This is what i do to make money. How about you?
United States
January 8, 2007 9:17pm CST
I do hair sometimes and now i'm trying to sell Mary kay makeup. Any activities anyone else does to make a little extra cash?
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@chiyosan (30194)
• Philippines
10 Jan 07
i have just started now on mylot and another forum (goldage) i hope i can get more earnings soon, enough to help me save more in my bank account.
@ossie16d (11826)
• Australia
10 Jan 07
We are retired and on a pension, so the only thing I do is this forum and one other, which is not paid. However we tend to cut our costs in other ways, which means that we will have some spare although our income does not increase. For example we have a vegetable patch and what we don't eat fresh, we freeze to use later in the year. I make most of my own jams and preserves, sauces etc and all of these save money.
@tanya6 (333)
10 Jan 07
i do many things i buy and sell on ebay this makes me around an extra £100 a month i am also a memebr of the best cash rewards programme the team are very helpfull and always online to help unlike other programmes that promise the world but never deliver.
@venshida (4837)
• United States
9 Jan 07
I sometimes sell on Ebay. I have a booth in a flea market.
@mansha (6301)
• India
9 Jan 07
I am trying to sell meditation cds through my website. just started it. They are really good. I am an affilate of just onethis site for a reason as I have personally used it to get over my depression. They are offering soundtrack samples for free so no harm in ordering one for yourself too. A musthave for all those who meditate. Apart from that I like Mylot here . I have made so many friends that I miss it when I am not online.
@123mosco (629)
• Nigeria
9 Jan 07
yes i do through dokey mail.
• Canada
9 Jan 07
I have a cookbook for sale. It can be ordered off of the internet, but I keep a lot of copies stocked in my apt. to sell personally. I don't know if that counts as selling on line, or not, but I do order off line. I sell a lot of them in person. Tak For Mad ISBN: 1-4116-3456-X