Is it a good idea Ipod and cellphone combine?

United States
January 8, 2007 9:18pm CST
i think it is a good idea, how about you?
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• India
4 Mar 07
hey i think its really a good idea.I am really looking forward to own that kind of product because because at present i am using both the products seperately and it creates problem in holding. I hope i this comes as early as possible. Buddy thaks for the cooooooooooool suggestion.
• United States
4 Mar 07
Definitely, I have an LG Fusic, which plays music and takes pictures, too. I want to buy a larger micro SD card for it, because it is only a 64K but I could upgrade to 1M if I want. Another cool thing is that it has a radio transmitter on it so you can play your music over a nearby radio like in your car or at a picnic without any extra wires or convertors. I like that I only have to carry one device instead of 3 or 4 with me. I hate carring a purse or having stuff hanging from my belt, so being able to just put the phone in my pocket and go is great.
• India
4 Mar 07
yaaa but best idea to combine both together..........
@v4r13x (92)
• Indonesia
10 Jan 07
hmp... I think it's too. I responded to the topic of your discussions, please my topic response ok? ^^ hehehe