Reaching the peak or staying on the peak. Which is difficult?

Reaching the summit - Summit
January 8, 2007 9:31pm CST
It is amazing to note how successful people achieve their goals by shedding gallons of sweat, burning the midnight oil and sacrificing many things close to their hearts before they achieve the place of eminence. Successful people after achieving their cherished goals, look towards other peaks around. A breather and again ascension. Then another. This underlines the fact that achievers do not rest on their laurels. It also reveals the fact that achievers always wish to stick to the top position. They don’t want to be branded as ‘ONE DAY WONDERS’. This undaunted spirit drives them ahead. The other side of the coin is achievers who make their presence felt with a bang, send dazzling and blinding rays of their achievements and make the heads turn. And on one fine morning you notice they disappeared into oblivion Obviously lack of maintaining a consistent killer instinct is the most obvious reason for their disappearance. Chanakya, the great economist and the shrewd adviser to Chandragupta Mourya of the ancient Gupta clan aptly defines ‘Killer instinct’ in one of his treatises thus.. “Kill your enemy. Burn him. Mix the ashes in a glassful of water, Drink it away”. The intensity of the desire to do or achieve should be with you and reflect in every activity of your’s.
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