October 1, 2006 9:59pm CST
whats annoying you?
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@lxrowe (372)
• Australia
7 Oct 06
Something I always used to hate was when my brothers and sisters would follow me around like a bad smell...I'd have a friend over and they would sit outside my door and annoy me...When the friend was a girl, i couldn't close the door to get rid of them, as if she was gong to get pregnant or something..."Sooonnn OPEN THAT DOOR PLEASE!?!" Sometimes I used to just wish i could just say "HELL I'VE ALREADY FRCKED THE LAST FIVE CHICKS THAT HAVE BEEN IN MY ROOM, I MAY AS WELL CONTINUE THE TREND, EH?, FRCK, while im at it you should know that I'm all for cheating on my girlfriend, AND im up for losing my virginity when im 16!" But everytime i got the chance i guess i knew that it would have made a big hole somewhere...that could hve wrecked the relationship I currently with my mother.
• Australia
22 Oct 06
Wow, you do have some annoying things, I gather you still have these things happen. I get annoyed when the kids argue about everything. Or annoy each other for no real reason, I figure it's to get each other into trouble. That just one or two things among the many things that do annoy me. Just take it in your stride, see past the petty stuff. Cheers Nomiesness
@milolamb (138)
• Australia
25 Oct 06
lots of my friends