Afghanistan and Current Situation

January 9, 2007 12:22am CST
What o u think about AFGHANISTAN and its current situation ....The world and the policies and the challanges faced by this poor, terrified, damaged and challangefull country, which has no choice for itself to rule his self,,,,,always attacked and ruined by every superpower and land lord of its time.....What i thing is in AFGHANISTAN which attracts the invaders to attack or occupy or at least come to this beutiful but harshelly backward poor country.....???????? ! ! ! ! ! !@ Waiting for your responds and point of views...............
2 responses
@xair88 (80)
• Pakistan
13 Jan 07
Well I think that the country is in a mess. People have been talking bout the progress that has been made but I think nothing concrete has been done to improve the lives of the people of this country. The country has been used by all invaders to acheive their own goals.
@usama46 (863)
• Pakistan
9 Jan 07
Afghanistan to the present, increasingly dangerous situation. It has to be recognized that the armed conflict will last many years but the population needs to be reassured now that there is a clear political goal of an inclusive state.