Our Youngest son just turned 4 and he doesn't want to go to school anymore..

January 9, 2007 3:32am CST
Who has experienced something similar. Our youngest son always went with a smile to the toddler playground/school and now he absolutely doesn't want to go to kindergarten. Who has some tips to withdraw me from the battle in the morning..It already starts with dressing him.. He has an older brother, 8 years and an older sister, 5 years.. So he is familiair with school etc..
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@alienstar (5143)
• India
9 Jan 07
Ha...Ha....this is commonfor childrenof this ageisn't it? maybe your other children will be better off to prepare him to go to kindergarten.I feel,it is only the first 2 3 times which will be difficult and after that he will start going witha smile for sure.andfor these 2,3 times, you have to lookout for different way's of convincing to move hime to kindergarten.
• Netherlands
9 Jan 07
Hahaha, yeah well, the other ones are motivating him with feel good story's about school, but he's smart; he doesn't buy it, he just doesn't want to go, lol.. It's very lovely to see the other two telling him the nicest story's but.. this morning he already started arguing during his socks.. He said; mom, we bring Jesse and Sahra and then we leave and go home together.. In the end I took his jacket and schoolbag and went outside. He didn't want me to take his jacket and schoolbag with me so he had to come with me on my bike. And at school he didn't want to go inside the classroom... Tomorrow I will adjust some other strategies on him and deal with him about playing a game when he walks in the classroom without problems.. I also do understand him, there is so much change and it has been such a hectic time with all these holidays, christmas, his birthday, my pregnancy, him becoming a 'big brother', swimmingclass etc. And he really loves it to be at home and playing and drawing his things.. But the strange thing is that he never acted like this before and he already went to the toddler playschool since his second birthday.. so..Always a surprise what's coming up next, right? lol