nanotechnology - so,the upcoming nanotechnology is all set to shape the future because we are heading towards advancement.
January 9, 2007 4:12am CST
it is related with arrangement of atom.have you ever thought why there is so much difference between coal and atom,when both of them are made of only carbon atom? it is just the arrangement of atoms.if we rearrange the atom in sand,we can make3 computer chips!but how it is possible. NOTECHONOLOGY in the near future will allow us to shape togather,the funamental block of nature easily,inexpensibely,and in most of the ways permitted by the law of,nanotechnologies are a hybrid science combining engineering, chemistry and to certain extend,biology.nanotechonolgy is very helpful in those type of recharrces where the chracteristics dimensions are less than about 1000 nanometer.
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18 Jan 07
hey i have Products by nono. three-dimensional forms by making paper out of titanium oxide nanowires Link: Nanowires built to fight bioterrorism Link: The impetus for nanotechnology has stemmed from a renewed interest in colloidal science, coupled with a new generation of analytical tools such as the atomic force microscope (AFM) and the scanning tunneling microscope (STM). Combined with refined processes such as electron beam lithography, these instruments allow the deliberate manipulation of nanostructures, and in turn led to the observation of novel phenomena. Nanotechnology is also an umbrella description of emerging technological developments associated with sub-microscopic dimensions. Despite the great promise of numerous nanotechnologies such as quantum dots and nanotubes, real applications that have moved out of the lab and into the marketplace have mainly utilized the advantages of colloidal nanoparticles in bulk form, such as suntan lotion, cosmetics, protective coatings, and stain resistant clothing.
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17 Jan 07
Tecnology is always advancing like anything . Nano belongs to next generation . one more thing to add withit is aerogels . the advanced materials . they are also belong to nano family .I am sure the next bill gates is fron nano technology .