wat would u do f u won 1 million?

January 9, 2007 7:26am CST
D power of Information Technology Influence much specially in the online games and gambling, we have mega lotto, PSR etc...what if you'll b d next millionaire?
2 responses
@minsmins (162)
• Philippines
10 Jan 07
with one million, i'll use 50% of it for house amortization, 10% ill donate to our church, 10% to charity, 10% to start a business, 10% as my savings, and spend the rest of it buying anything i want. whoahh! what i nice dream! ü hehehe ü
• Malaysia
9 Jan 07
I'll buy a house,a car,and get marry,and some of it I'll distribute to my parents and siblings,the rest,I'll invest it for my future benefit!