Fibromyalgia is a diagnosis of exclusion.

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January 9, 2007 9:48am CST
Do any of you Fibromyalgia sufferers or people that know family members with fibromyalgia - have any other disease, syndrome or condition that causes pain or similar symptoms of fibromyalgia. I too have fibromyalgia but I also have several other illnesses and conditions so I was wondering if anyone else is in the same state as myself.
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@webduck (238)
• United States
27 Jan 07
My doctor told me that I have both Fibro and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. My brother exibhits many of the symptoms of fibro, but he has never been diagnosed. He is diabetic thoug. I am not...yet.
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@april444 (1341)
• United States
25 Jan 07
sorry I dont even know what that is. Is it cureable?
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@natrlvr2 (384)
• United States
9 Feb 07
I have quite a few dx's.I am now legally disabled because of all my chronic pain issues.(I am following in my mom's footsteps but I have more things wrong,she is just in worse shape,but she is also 77 yrs. old,I am 47)I have degenerative disc disease,osteoarthritis of the knees,shoulders,feet,wrist-bulging discs in my lower spine and neck.I also have TMJ syndrome & mysofascial pain syndrome.Let's not forget my chronic neckache, chronic migraines & daily headaches.Beoeive it or not,I can tell the difference between the causes of certain pains and each day is different.Sorry,got carried away.
• United States
6 Feb 07
I have fibromyalgia and a result have chronic fatigue, sciatica, migraines, restless leg syndrome, and acute insomnia. My mom also has FMS and she suffers from some of the same, but also mood swings and depression. My grandmother also has FMS but the diagnosis came so late in life it's impossible for me to tie it to anything else she has. Mostly, other than the fibro, my mom and I are perfectly healthy.
@sylviekitty (2083)
• United States
5 Feb 07
Let's see. I have 2 aunts that have this, and at least 4 cousins. Three of the cousins are from one of those aunts I mentioned. My sister and I also think we may have this, or something similar, although our mom has MS. I've been tested for Lupus, MS, etc.. My Neurologist has no idea what I have, but I've been having bizarre issues for at least 9 years now.
@RebeccaLynn (2256)
• United States
3 Feb 07
I have fibro and chronic fatigue. I also suffer migraines. My mother has all of the same as. I'm just praying that I didn't pass it on to my children!