how much do you make from you ref?

@urzicutza (1972)
January 9, 2007 11:05am CST
i am very curious!so pls tell me!be proud and tell me!
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• Romania
9 Jan 07
i cannot tell it yet, i am new...
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• Romania
30 Jan 07
well yes i am new to :) this is my problem i don`t know how to get referals
@bubulove (35)
• Romania
30 Jan 07
well i don`t have any referals!butt i am you referaal so how much are you making from me?tell me pls i am curious
• Romania
18 Jan 07
i dont have any...
@RaZZvaN (169)
• Romania
14 Jan 07
I cannot tell it yet
@BlaKy2 (1475)
• Romania
15 Jan 07
I have a few referrals but only 2 of them i think are far they gave my only 0.07$ in a day then they got inactive...i hope i'll get more active ones in the future :(
@nicu1985 (587)
• Romania
27 Jan 07
I am new but i have two people in my list...The problem is that they didn't earn something for the moment. I hope I'll make some money in the future with referrals
@gkrisiyer (393)
• India
14 Jan 07
i have only one referral and dont make much from it.i would like to have more referrals though but no one i know seems to be interested.
@umerasif (532)
• Pakistan
10 Jan 07
Well unfortunately all the people that I have sent the request to join the site have declined and I am not making anything at all from my referrals. I have only three referrals and all of them are not interested and inactive on my lot :(