Some more strange, weird facts

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January 9, 2007 1:28pm CST
Some silkworms can spin cocoons that contain more than two miles of silk. The cardigan was originally made to be a military jacket made of knitted wool. The first fashion house to be set up was in 1858 by Charles Worth. He opened his store in Paris with the idea of having pre-made gowns presented on models to his customers. The most expensive shoes in the world are ruby slippers located in Harrods in London, which cost $1.6 million, has a full time security guard. The shoes are made from platinum thread and has 642 rubies in them. It took over 700 hours to produce the shoe. The oldest pair of Levi's jeans still around were made around the 1890's and are on display Strauss & Co. Archives in San Francisco. The reason why women's dress shirt buttons are on the left and men's on the right is because when buttons were first used during the Victorian period maids used to dress the ladies, and since the maids put on their shirts the buttons were put on the servants right side, hence the women's left. Warner Brothers Corset Company created the bra cup sizing system, which is now used universally used by manufacturers. When Nylons first went on sale in the United States in 1940, four million pairs were sold in only a few days.
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