Ebay or Google Base?

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@JashleyB (1441)
United States
January 9, 2007 1:29pm CST
I was thinking of selling some cd's and dvd's I don't need anymore. My mom found Google Base and it sounds like ebay to me. So is it better to use that? Or stick with ebay??
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10 Apr 07
Personally I would stick with Ebay, it reaches a higher number of buyers and therefore increases your chances of selling for a profit.
@stailgate (2363)
• United States
10 Jan 07
I would stick with ebay. I love ebay!! I buy at least one thing every week from there. It has everything and has great prices!!! I have two kids that want everything, and three dogs, three cats and two fish that I buy treats and toys for, and my husband and myself for the stuff that we collect. I also buy things for other people in my family. Dvds are a big thing that we buy. Along with video games. Good luck on selling.
9 Jan 07
I would stick to ebay, just because it's probably got a bigger fan-base, and probably has more members -- it therefore will attract more buyers, right? Good luck selling!