home remedy for dandruff

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January 9, 2007 2:06pm CST
home remedy dandruff cure aloe vera dandruff cure - with aloe vera gel . About 10-15 minutes before you wash your hair, rub a lot of aloe vera gel into your scalp. leave it on for 10 minutes, and shampoo your hair like you regulary do. if you do this everyday the dandruff will stay away. Using lime juice to wash hair. Soak 2 tablespoons fenugreek seeds in water overnight. In the morning grind into a fine paste. Apply all over scalp and leave for ½ an hour. Wash with mild shampoo. Ingredients: Olive oil and almond oil Instructions: Mix the olive oil with the almond oil. Leave it on about 5 min.s after it starts to burn. Rinse well to clear dandruff. Massage your hair with warm coconut oil and apply the juice of 2 lemons, steam your hair and leave the oil on for about 2 hours. Shampoo with a mild shampoo. Repeat 2-3 times a week. Boil a handful of neem leaves in 4 teacups of water. After cooling and filtering, use for rinsing hair.
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9 Jan 07
hey thanks ,i knw only two remedies for dandruff.can u tell me wat to do for splits ends in hair .i cut them every month but ...they again come.tell me any home remedy for this one if u knw ,thnks
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9 Jan 07
Getting rid of split ends - How to prevent split ends? Splits ends has no solutions; once the hair cuticle is removed, there is no way to replace it, but there are many easier ways to get rid of hair split ends starting with some preventive measures to avoid split ends including: - Get a trim at least every six weeks. - Try to use always coated or covered rubber bands. - When outdoors wear a hat or scarf to minimize sun damage. - To sleep use a satin pillow case to minimize tangles. - Use a natural-bristle brush instead of metallic combs and brushes. - Avoid brushing your hair when it is wet and most vulnerable to split or break. - Stop using hair dryers, curling irons, crimpers, hot curlers, and straightening irons. - Use regular conditioner in your hair after shampooing, and a deep conditioner once a month. - Use shampoo with ingredients that include sunscreen and moisturizing cream in your hair if it is extremely dry. - Try a hair split repair product; split ends cannot be repaired but these products minimize the stray hair look. - At the pool, wear a swim cap to protect your hair from harsh chlorine and other water chemicals. Typically, split ends are characterized by the hair split into two or three strands that can be as long as 2 to 3 centimeters in length to all the hair from end to root. The best treatment is to cut off the split end of the damaged fiber when the problem arise, thereafter the task may become a hassle if the split ends appear all over your head. To trim your damaged hair and get rid of the split ends, just follow these simple guidelines: - Sit comfortable near a natural light source, usually a window or outdoors in your yard. - Take small sections of hair and twist them carefully in a gentle downward motion. - Throughout this action any split ends will automatically stick out and is easier doing it by the day light. - Now, carefully snip into the twist with your best and sharpen scissors. - Cut into the thickness to remove the damaged cuticles and give a natural layered effect. - Be careful to avoid cut the split ends right through or roughly the same amount from each twist. Home Remedies for Split Ends Depending on the condition of your hair this may be a time consuming task so consider the simplest solution is to trim all your hair or try some home treatment to give them a better appearance such as prepare your own natural products and treatments. - Prepare a hair moisturizing mask to help prevent the split ends with mashed up avocado on damp hair and leaving it on your hair for 20 minutes. - Enhance the action of the avocado hair mask above by adding hot olive oil and mixing well to the mash. Apply it warm on hair and cover it with a towel. - Mayonnaise can be an avocado substitution applied on your hair every weekend as part of your beauty routine.
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14 Jan 07
just take one fluconazole tablet 150mg..once a week for 2 weeks