Can Dogs and Cats get along?

United States
January 9, 2007 2:40pm CST
I have a friend who likes both dogs and cats. What is the best way that she could own both a dog and a cat. And what if she decides she wants a bird? And which is your favorite Dog or Cat? Just respond to any of the questions above looking for input.
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12 Jan 07
Having any animal is a big comittment and responsibity. You must be able to afford love and time, along with money for vets and food. If the animal isn't what you expected, you must keep it anyways. She should see about geting a bird first. See if she likes feed and cleaning it and paying it attention. If she has more time and money, she can then get another pet. All animals will get along, if you bring in a baby to an older animal. But the three you suggested is a lot of time and effort for a loving peaceful home.
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9 Jan 07
I have a dog and only a dog, so the rest is from others that I know and from things I've heard or read other places. I've heard that the younger they are, the easier it is to introduce them to each other. A lot of it depends on the breed of dog, some are more aggressive than others with other pests. Most dog breed books have a rating for each dog and one of them is how well they get along with other pets. Cats are pretty aloof creatures, so probably need to be more concerned with how the dog reacts, the cat will probably just ignore them if they don't get agressive. I have three friends that have cats and dogs. 1) He has a bassett hound (older) and a kitten. They get along great, but bassetts are well known for their patience which I think is one of the reasons. 2) A lab (young) and a cat (older). Cat hates the dog, dog tries to play with the cat so it creates problems. Luckily the cat is not aggressive and just runs away but they are never in the same room together. 3) a Jack Russell (young) and a kitten. They are both young so they get along fine and play together.