Is it wrong to download music?

@Brandi06 (2227)
United States
January 9, 2007 5:45pm CST
Is downloading music off of the Internet wrong? I live in Canada, so we're technically allowed to "share files", but outside of that, is it morally wrong? I hear people saying all the time that they support the artist and their music and only download because they make enough already, but if everyone downloaded the music, they wouldn't make anything, right? I think it's probably not as bad to download the music of multi-millionaire artists, but there is music available for download from virtually every artist out there. What do you think?
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@Wanderlaugh (1623)
• Australia
10 Jan 07
Yes and no. Maybe it boils down to how you feel about what you're listening to. It's a sleazy industry, anyway. People are getting ripped off in some ways, paying for a piece of metal worth nothing. Thanks to downloads, you can now be a lot more selective, and maybe at least have the satisfaction of applying your own musical tastes, not buying one track and a load of crud as well. Most musicians aren't millionaires, and few of those that are are worth downloading. (Ahhhh.... yeah... How's that for a copout?) Good music is worth paying for. With any luck downloads will kill the corporate shills, and it can just be musicians and audiences.
@budsr03 (2351)
• Canada
10 Jan 07
I see it this way! When i buy a cd i feel i have the right to share it with anyone i want to. However and whenever. If the artists feel cheated so do i. Sometimes i may like only 1or2songs. They could charge a fee for blank recordable cds. Good Day Brandi06!
• India
9 Jan 07
yes if you dont buy it.. if u download after purchasing from say itunes then its legal..
@duffsta (17)
• Australia
9 Jan 07
Acording to the law it is wrong, but me's only illegal if you get caught