delhi life.

January 9, 2007 9:35pm CST
so wt u guys think abt delhi life.. why ppl like to live n chill in delhi...
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@jay_85 (186)
• India
18 Jan 07
i am not originally.i shifted there some six years back and now that i've left the city to pursue my engg degree,i miss it.i think i miss everything.. the fm radio stations,the bluelines buses..the typical jaat language used by the people there,the malls,the movie theatres,the over charging auto wallahs and arguing with them,the metro... everything..!!!
• India
19 Jan 07
well dilli surely makes me nostalgic but bein a sailor i have been to a lot of places in and outside india but i miss delhi the least.the reason is very obvious,people out here are very much non helping n big hypocrits,exceptions always bein there.its d rudest city where people care a damn!!! for the other guy...d only thins tats gud abt dilli is sme cool places like d dill hat,india gate just to name a few n dilli ki sardi!
• India
6 Mar 07
well the fast and furious life of delhi is what tempts people towards it....the people of delhi r quite conserved and do not wish to involve in others matter......and they like to party hard..and the chicks of delhi ...just check them out!!!
• India
16 Jan 07
life is fast and glamorrous here
@raveemenon (1071)
• India
11 Jan 07
Reason people do not have any choice.Either they are employed in many of the departments or embassies and things like that. Then the noida commuters and like. Delhi is chill and i know at least half dozen of my friends have come down to bangalore for employment. After all It is our Indraprastha.