The downs in a relationship

January 9, 2007 10:02pm CST
Dear all, have you ever feel that there's just one day in your life that you just look to your loved ones and found out that you feel wonder what was wrong? what went wrong? He did nothing wrong, he was sweet and nice just like he used to. But it was you, and nothing to do with him. Is that even possible?
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@18111983 (66)
• Bangladesh
10 Jan 07
i have same question because i am facing same kind of problems.but little bit different.because we got love marriage but now a days he has changed a lot & he bahaved very rude to me so now i feel nothing.7 days we dont talk but i am not missing him although i couldnt stay without talk to him.i am really upset about all this things
• Indonesia
10 Jan 07
Well in your case,do u talk to him frequently or you both just caught up in your own activities and barely had the time to spend some quality time together? Sometimes you just have got to say what you feel, unless he won't understand you. Men are not psycic, u know. Prepare him a nice dinner, maybe it will help.
• Philippines
10 Jan 07
It was your feeling who still not ready to show her what do you want to be,If you have a plan for a relationship,show your self to her,Be natural act to maintain misunderstanding,If she go it was your fault you did'nt care.