dota players plz help me?

frozenthrone - its king arth..
January 10, 2007 1:03am CST
i hav recently started playing dota maps and i dnt know much abt it. so i wanted to know which hero do u choose and what recipes and items do u recommend while playing
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• Guam
27 Jan 07
This is how I started with Dota: I didn't know anything. I bought recipes, but didn't know that I had to buy the required items as well to make use of the recipes. Like everyone else said, just take the time to PRACTICE. A good site to go to would be They show every single hero you could use, as well as replays and guides to being successful in many types of situations. Hope this helped you.
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@SirPyan (429)
• Malaysia
23 Jan 07
Well, most beginners in DOTA started playing using ranged heroes. They are easier to use than melee, has lower chances to get harassed early in the game. I myself started playing DOTA using Drow Ranger, and she is very easy to use to be comfortable with the game. For items, there are no definite items for each heroes. For all heroes, they should always get the basic Boot, which later combined to Power Thread or Boot Of Travel. I can't stressed how important this is. Starting in the game, just buy support/regen item depend on your character, like HP regen ring or Sobi Mask for MP, or Ironwood Branches, Circlet, Potions, etc. Other items would depend on your heroes, some people loves to make Sange & Yasha for their AGI or STR heroes. For INT and AGI heroes, some people would make minor HP support items due to their low HP early in the game, such as Bracers, and later they would probably go for Soul Booster. These are just some of the examples. Just explore the game and watch and learn.
• Romania
14 Jan 07
you should start playng you can learn to play with every could visit site for them and also have the recipes for all the items in the game...basicly you put inteligence items on inteligence heroes....agility on agility based heroes and strength on strength based heroes.GOOD LUCK HAVE FUN
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@scaunel (71)
• Romania
9 Feb 07
Well i will recommend you to start with heroes based on Intel becouse in my opinion they are the easier to learn than other heroes, probably you can start choosing between Lina,Lion,Lich King or Tinker, all you have to do is cast spells on your enemies as fast as you can, these type of heroes are called nukers (small hp , but BIG damage), and as item build try starting with an Arcane Ring (+300 mana and can regenerate around 100 mana every 30 sec you activate it), and than build about 2 bracer s (for hp),but remember TO buy Boots of Speed whenever you have the money (these boots are very useful), and after u finish all this item build you can start making Aghanims Scepter on the heroes that you can improve their ultimate(like Lich King, Lion, Lina, Krobelus, Rhasta, etc.) or if you can`t improve their ultimates try building Guinso ( grants you mana , mana regeneration, damage and attack speed BUT the most important thing about Guinso is that you can turn your enemies into sheep or other critter for 2,5 seconds. I think that`s how you can learn to play DotA with this small guide for Intel heroes.This is just my opinion , other players may think this is wrong while some may think this is best , it`s your decision what you do next. Good Luck.
@Lunerian (493)
• Sweden
7 Feb 07
You obviously buy different items for different heroes.
• Philippines
30 Jan 07
that actually depends on the type of player you want to be in the game. since dota is a team game, there exists certain roles for each member. do you want to be the one who sets up the enemy team for the rest of your team? then be a disabler. or do you want to be the one who deals damage and is the killer for your team. there also is teh tanking role. meaning you try to absorb all the enemy's attacks so that your other team mates stay alive as they counterattack. so that basically is the first thing you need to figure out. after you respond, i'll try to help you out.
@foxhound (27)
• Philippines
28 Jan 07
For you to easily get to know the game you better join sites that discuss about the game. You can go to Dotaportal .com, a nice site with great informations about recipes and strategies.
@scheit33 (21)
• Romania
17 Jan 07
well all the heroes are very equilibrated...there is no "best hero" it's all about skill and teamplay
@jeb083079 (839)
• Philippines
17 Jan 07
it takes days before you get acquainted with the heroes in dota. practice, practice, practice. that's the best advice because you can choose any hero and with more practice you'll learn to have a hero of your own.