"I'm teasing you..I just like licking this lollipop."

January 10, 2007 1:21am CST
What is it with women who do acts seemingly intentional for guys to take notice of them, and then, when the guy finally goes over to "take on the invite," the girl tells them they're so malicious minded??!Consider in a bar where a beautiful girl with her bevy of friends are on a table across a group of equally number of guys. Then at one point, one of the girls came into eye contact with one of the guys from the other table. She didn't let go of the stare. She took her bottle and had a gulp. But after doing so, she didn't put the bottle down. Regaining eye contact with the guy, she blew seductively over the rim of the bottle and even for a second put out her tongue. She put the bottle down and made motions on the bottle's neck as if doing you know what with a guy's member.. Finally, not having doubts as to what the guy was thinking as "hints," he walked over to the girl and invited her to go somewhere private. Lo and behold, she became hysterical and almost asked the bouncer to kick the guy's behind. Question, what is teasing for girls??
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