levels of mental retardation:

January 10, 2007 1:57am CST
MILD MENTAL RETARDATION: The range of IQ 50 to 69 is indicative of mild retardation. These acquire language with some delay but most achieve the ability to use speech for everyday purpose, achieve full independence in self-care (eating, washing, dressing, bowel and bladder control) and in practical and domestic skills even if the rate of development is considerably slower than normal. However mildly retarded people can be greatly helped by “education” designed to develop their skills and compensate for their handicaps. MODERATE MENTAL RETARDATION: The range of IQ in this category is 35 to 49. Individuals in this category are slow in developing comprehension and use of language, and their eventual achievement in this area is limited. Achievement of self-care and motor skills is also retarded, and some need supervision throughout life. Progress in schoolwork is limited, but a proportion of these individuals learn the basic skills needed for reading, writing and counting. This group is “trainable”. SEVERE MENTAL RETARDATION: The range of IQ in this category is 20 to 34. Individuals in this category are sometimes referred to as “dependent retarded”. Among these individuals, motor and speech development is severely retarded, and sensory defects and motor handicaps are common. They can develop limited levels of personal hygiene and self-help skills, which somewhat lessen their dependence, but all their lives they will be dependent on others for care. PROFOUND MENTAL RETARDATION: The IQ in this category is estimated to be under 20. Most of these individuals are severely deficient in adaptive behaviour and unable to master any but the simplest tasks. Useful speech, if it develops at all, is on a rudimentary level. Severe physical deformities, central nervous system pathology, and retarded growth are typical, and convulsive seizures, mutism, deafness, and other physical anomalies are common. The term “life support” is used to refer to people in this category
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