case study

January 10, 2007 2:15am CST
Barath is a 33 year old Business man with a B.A. degree to this credit. He is recently married to Shabina Shetty a commerce graduate aged 20 who is working as an accountant. He started drinking in moderate quantities 7 years ago, at the age of 26. This affected him both in the business as well as personal life. Besides, he accumulated a debt to the tune of 11 lakhs. He started drinking excessively after his father committed suicide last year. Barath could neither support his family nor could have a smooth relationship with his wife. In fact he was dependent on his wife. Anxious to give up his old ways and lead a better life, he whole-heartedly accepted his wife’s suggestion to join the camp. During his stay at the camp, he experienced moderate withdrawal symptoms. After individual counseling and various treatments, he was able to accept that he was an alcoholic and was willing to change himself and exercise self control. Today, Barath Raj is a different person after attending the camp. He is now fully involved in his business and is able to lead a better life. He regularly attends the A.A. meetings. This surely is a sign of his positive attitude and determination to walk out from the clutches of alcohol once and for all.
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