Favourite 3d movie

@ankanu (37)
January 10, 2007 3:21am CST
What's your favorite 3d animated movies? My favorite is Monsters Inc., Shrek 2, Antz,Over the Hedge,Nemo. All of those have really great animation and story. Monsters inc. because I played the game before I watched the movie. Shrek 2, I was really waiting for this sequel (and I was happy tto see that the part 2 is SO much better). Antz, although not too popular compared to Pixar's A Bug Life, it still has a really great story. Over the Hedge, I really love the story about Verne and RJ. The characters are real and shows amazing character and plot development. Nemo, because we were FORCED in our catholic school to watch it. Well, it's not so bad. Kinda great
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@aureliaz (1179)
• Singapore
10 Jan 07
My favourite animated movies are Shrek 1 and 2. It's just a movie for all ages. The humor is unbelievably funny, the characters are realistic (they all have flaws and virtues), the situations are real, they come up with so many ways to fit stereotypes in etc. I believe its just a really really great movie. Oh and Shrek 3 is coming out sometime this year! Go catch the teaser trailer on Youtube. It's hilarious.
@jithinsb (520)
• India
10 Jan 07
I think you havent seen "CARS" ..you havent even mentioned it..My favorite is undoubtedly "CARS"..The animation is sooooo awesome and realistic in the movie that my jaws fell when i saw it..actually im interested in animation industry and hence i watch animated movies to get a better idea.the story of that movie is also good and at last we will be very happy to have seen such a movie.. my next pick would be SHREK 1 and 2..its also a superb film with awesome animation and moreover a solid story line with good humour..the donkey just keeps me laughing always..After the 1st part i never thought that the second part would also be as good as the first,but i think its even better than the first part.. then i would like ROBOTS,which is yet another marvelous movie..then comes madagacar which is also good.. iceage is also in my list though i didnt like it that much..and finding nemo is also not that good,though the animation is simlpy awesome there..but i felt it as somewhat boring to sit and watch the whole movie in a single stretch.. i havennt seen antz and monster inc...i am planning to watch them soon..