What squid recipe do you know?

@alecs76 (657)
January 10, 2007 4:11am CST
Please share one. I really like to eat squid...
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3 responses
@ESKARENA1 (18299)
14 Jan 07
for me it is very simple, squid in rings, maybe battered, maybe not, fried and served on a green crispy salad with a garlic cream sause
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@MsTickle (25051)
• Australia
24 Jan 07
Now I'm hungry. What is the recipe for the garlic cream sauce please?
@ladygam (564)
• Philippines
14 Jan 07
Here's the simplest squid recipe I know. Get 2 medium-sized fresh squid, clean it, stuff it with lemon grass and chopped garlic and grill it. For the sauce, combine soy sauce, a little vinegar, chopped onions and tomatoes in a bowl. When the squid is done, slice it together with the stuffing and arrange the steaming squid rings in a plate, around the little bowl of sauce, then serve. You can also use melted butter as your dip. Yummy!
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@NancyLobo (681)
• India
14 Jan 07
You can make a tasty masala and fry the squids they taste nice with this masala. Ingredients for the masala 10 Red dried chillies a small marble sized Tamarind 5 flakes of garlic one tablespoon of sugar a pinch of salt vinegar one spoon. you can clean the squid and cut into peices and stuff it with this masala and then fry, it is ready to eat.
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