Think a dog can make you tougher?

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October 2, 2006 9:31am CST
I am so sick and tired of the worst sort of dog owners and breeders specializing in bully breeds, especially pit bulls. They think that if they get the biggest, baddest, pit with the blockiest head and the most unstable temperment that will show the other people just how tough and cool and gangsta they are... They're wrong. As a pit bull owner and up and coming dog trainer, I assure you that the dog doesn't make you any cooler... Pit bulls are arguably the most commonly abused dogs out there due to all the ignorance in the people who tend to choose them. People who will leave them in the yard on a heavy log chain forcing them to drag heavy things to make them stronger. People who will put hot sauce and gun powder in their food. People who will TORMENT a puppy until it shows teeth and growls... only to reward that behavior and teach the dog that this is how to get his way. People who will abandon them, destroy them, throw acid on them, set them on fire, starve them to the point of gross emaciation, over breed them, dehydrate them, fail to provide them with vet care or even basic dog training... People who encourage frustration in the animals...and then lose control over them... THIS IS HOW PIT BULL ATTACKS HAPPEN! I'm so tired of hearing about the whole breed being bad or evil. Of course there are bad pit bulls out there, because there are bad people breeding these dogs to be as unstable and vicious as possible... Whether through ignorance or bad intention, these people are taking a breed created to fight other dogs -and differenciate between dogs and the dogmen in the pit- and trying to turn them into man eaters. Unfortunately all to often they're successful. What is the solution here? There is no argument that these dogs, when they do go off, are extremely powerful gladiators who are fully capable of killing. I only see the powers that be trying to ban the entire breed and in effect euthanize MILLIONS of dogs... good dogs, the dogs that belong to responsible owners... the bad owners won't surrender their dog, besides, if they can't get a pit bull, they'll pick another breed... Presa Canarios, Cane Corsos, Tosa Inus, these are just a handfull of breeds that are bigger and "badder" than the pits and other bully breeds everyone is afraid of today... We can ban all the breeds we want, but the problem is with the PEOPLE who are ruining them by bad breeding and abhorant up-bringing. What are we going to do about the PEOPLE who are creating these loose-cannon dogs and allowing them to kill and maim? I have a couple of ideas, but I'll open it up for discussion now.
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25 Oct 06
That's an awesome post! It's so true too. I have 3 Pit Bulls right now (American Pit Bull Terriers). I think they are the most awesome dogs. I wouldn't trade them for any other dog. But unfortunately, due to BSL & all the bad rap they get, it's hard to own them & be able to do anything with them. You have to be careful of where you travel, because if you're not, you might get your dog taken off of you just for being somewhere you're not allowed to have them. And, you can't just pick up & move to just anywhere because you might not be allowed to have Pit Bulls in that particular area. It's so stupid what people are doing to this wonderful breed. I know a guy that's bred Pit Bulls for the better part of 30yrs & they are the most loving dogs I have ever met (aside from my own). I love & adore this breed & I'm hoping that with enough hard work, BSL will be eliminated.
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20 Oct 06
pleas protect these animals...
It's the damn BSL trying to ban all the bully breeds and many others. I own a Bullmastiff witch the BSL wants to ban them also and any dog over 100lbs.
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12 Oct 06
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12 Oct 06
I think abuse of any breed of dog is horrible. Pit bulls can be very sweet and gentle dogs but many times they are trained to be vicious. But it is not only this breed that is abused. Abusers will abuse any breed of dogs that come their way. It's a very sad sight to see.