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Kent, Washington
January 10, 2007 8:15am CST
Kathy Date: Jan 10 2007 6:06 AM Subject IMPORTANT UPDATE Body: Good morning my friends, I am in a contest for a online community I am trying to get a paid position with them.I need your help,The deal is who ever gets the most sign ups gets the job.All who know me knows how I love being number 1, When I started yesturday I had 5 signups. I now have 25 not bad.I am the best canidate for this job. The other person I am up against has 30 without breaking a sweat. I need 5 more sign ups just to catch up with him.Please pass this link around so I may by pass my opponient. I need everyones help.I really want this job as I love networking with all my soul. Thanks for all your help and support. Kathy Hamilton/ heres the scoop. We came across your profile and was wondering if you would like to promote your business within our community. It's specifically integrated for business people and customers to come to the site as opposed to you searching every business forum, yahoo chatroom or anything else people might try to do to get business Our community offers: #1 People who have businesses can promote them in our community #2 People who are looking for business opportunities to join come to our community #3 People who are customers looking for products like furniture, art, boats, cars, toys, drinks, clothes, etc. come to our community #4 People who are investors, and are looking to fund startup companies come to our community #5 Importers looking for exporters, and vice versa come to our community. and many more scenarios. The point is you can build your profile to be an online shop or whatever you wish it to be, and at over 100,000 visits today in only 2 months old your traffic will be incredible. If you would like to join, remember it's 100% Free no strings attached. Takes about 3 minutes to signup and you are in the system and ready to get started. I a gold member and help Management for the site, so you will see me all over. Goto while you are signing up please use username ( simikathy ) as the person WHO INVITED YOU. And let me know you've joined so I can find you over there. Sincerely, Aaron Martirano / Kathy Hamilton
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