Ever been in a fantasy world of your own?

Sky is the Limit - This is a drawing that I have sketched, of a fantasy world where i and my girl are the only ones and we can do whatever we want, even fly!
January 10, 2007 8:31am CST
From my childhood, i have been spending a lot of time in my own imaginary worlds. worlds that existed only for me and the people that i wanted. worlds where everything went on as i dream! i used to dream of being a pilot flying my plane among the clouds, meeting a lot of exotic birds up there and even parking my plane to stop by for a chat with them! i used to dream of exploring space and meeting different types of aliens, sometimes friendly, sometimes not; but my day dreams always went in a way that i was never hurt in them! i grew up and dreamt of being the best basket ball player in the world! sometimes i would dream of being invisible and able to do so so many stuff unseen! i have dreamt of being able to pass through walls, of being able to move faster than eye could see... in fact, sometime or the other i have dreamt of having all the superpwers of all the superheroes! i grew up still and dreamt up beaches better than the best, being there sometimes on my own with beatiful ladies all around, and sometimes with my girl, all alone! yeah, i still day dream! as in this picture that i have sketched! do you dream?
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