Saddam was die, Is the U.S win or??

@hirals (1736)
January 10, 2007 8:53am CST
Saddam was died executed on Iraq, does it mean that U.S won or what?? Maybe many people said that Saddam Execution is not the Most importan Issues, the Fact is U.S attack To Iraq is Base on Biological Weapon that US Confirm that Iraq Has that Weapon. But untill now, there's no proove of that. US not yet win on the Iraq War, even saddam was died. Untill...??
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@WebGal (48)
• United States
10 Jan 07
Saddam's execution is not the most important issue, and it doesn't mean the US won. The US went into Iraq and destroyed Saddam's government, but the new government has not been able to restore order and too many people on both sides are still dying. I believe US soldiers are still in Iraq mainly to protect US oil interests there; establishing a new stable government is the only way to keep the oil flowing, so that's what the US will continue to do as long as it depends so heavily on foreign oil. I don't see any way for the US to "win" until it finds a way to reduce its energy needs to a manageable level. Meanwhile, it makes me sick that so many Iraqi civilians have paid (and continue to pay) with their lives for the US presence there.
• Portugal
10 Jan 07
In this war there will never be a winner, there are people dying day after day, so who is winning? Even now without Saddam do anyone saw a better place there to all live? No there are all the same, and the base of this war, was something that no one could find, it could exists but then where? In Syria, Iran..... Stop the Iraq war and the killings.