Did DINOSAUR really exit

Dino - Is this real
January 10, 2007 8:56am CST
We have seen in many movies,checked many documents(old),but i am abit curious did this creatures really exist.Have you seen any life Pictures.Lets discuss.
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• United States
13 Jan 07
I would think they do exists yes because we have many bones that have been discovered over the years and have been put back together.
• Nigeria
14 Jan 07
thanks for your response
@sunshinecup (7880)
13 Jan 07
No picture, sorry humans didn't live at the same time as Dinos. But we have the next best thing, fossils! Now we could have called these skeletons something like "nomores", "dungons", or anything else, but the term dinosaurs was chosen. But Why you may ask, well friend I will tell ya why... "In 1841, Sir Richard Owen coined the word "dinosaur" to identify the fossils of extinct reptiles. It traces its origins to the Greek words deinos, meaning "terrible" or "fearfully great," and sauros, meaning "lizard." They were considered "Lizards" based on the structure of the skeletons and the shape of the body along with the head. Lizards were the only thing we have in existence now, that came close to the bones they first found. Of course later, others discovered things that were closer related to mammals. But the term “Dinosaur” had all ready been excepted by that time and is used now as a common term for most pre-historic animals. BTW did you know, there are roughly 700 species of Dinosaurs that have been named? Interesting in deed. So in short, we know dinosaurs existed because of the fossilized bones they so graciously left behind for us.
• Nigeria
13 Jan 07
Thank for such detailed response
• India
10 Jan 07
we cannot expect anyone to have seen dinosaurs, as they lived millions of years before the first man evolved! in fact, at that time reptiles ruled the world and mammals were limited only to small rodents! man as a superior mammal came into being long long time after that. so naturally, no person can have picutres or paintings of live dinosaurs! not even the caveman has seen them! we know about their existence because we have found their skeletons, fossilised in the soil! those bones belonged to no other animal still living on the planet. so it was derived that they lived long long ago. also, by a procedure called carbon-dating, it has been found out that the dinos lived some 65 million yeas ago! using the size of the bones and the laws of physics and mechanics, the structure and size of the anumals were imagined and thus derived. also, the size and type of teeth found with the bones could tell whether a particular dino was a veggie or a carnivore. similar several clues have been put together and dinosaurs have been visualized! then some animation guru came and put those imaginations into visuals, and lo! we have a full dino movie!!
• Nigeria
10 Jan 07
Thanks for that bright tip,that mean it could be something other than what we know
@Asylum (48058)
• Manchester, England
16 Mar 07
It is hardly likely that anyone could have a picture of a live dinosaur since photography is still very young. Dinosaurs became extinct several million years before mankind evolved, so the only possible proof of their existance is in the remains and skeletons discovered over the years.