some tips if you join a ptr/ptc site

January 10, 2007 9:47am CST
For thos who do not know how ptr/ptc websites are working I have some tips: 1. Before you join a site, be sure it is paying out. If you are not sure, read into the forums about the best websites. 2. If you join a site, read all interests you can fill in carefully. Some sites have weird interests like 'I can't read' or I cheat or whatsoever. Do not fill in these interests as your account will be removed. 3. Do not use more than 1 account per ip address or you will be removed. 4. Fill in the information for paying out. I mostly use paypal. 5. If you receive an email click the link in this email and a screen will open into your browser. Sometimes you have to click a turing number. Never use robotsoftware or you will be removed from the site. If the browser is opened, you have different emails: a. information/advertisements b. search options. With these search options you have to choose a good search. 6. Let the time go till it says you have been paid. 7. Some websites also have a paid to click section where you can earn money or points. This will increase your money so visit it regularly. 8. Use your refferallink to join other people to make some money. This will also increase your money. 9. If you can, make a own page where you show your links and make yourself visible on the internet by adding your website to the searchengines. 10. Be honest, do not expect you will become rich in a short time, be patient and your money will grow. Never cheat or you will be removed from the websites! Sure I have forgotten some things, but this might help you to start earning.
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@neo2neo (461)
• India
10 Jan 07
Thanks for the tips. I am already registered with The minimum payout is $15000 ?!?! And all the emails are from $10 to $30 sounds unbelievable, and I don't know how true it is. Is it a scam?