Using mobile phones-is it really harmful?

January 10, 2007 10:02am CST
I frequently come across articles pointing out the harmful effects of using mobile phones.Some say that using mobile phones can cause headache and prolonged use can also lead to brain tumour.Also,it is said that constant radiation (especially when they keep the phone in the pant pockets)in men can decrease sperm count.But all these articles provide the disclaimer that these facts are not proved because, this is a field where research is still going on. There are variety of other problems I have heard about too. What do you feel?Do we have to be concerned about the usage of mobile phones?Have you encountered any such problems?
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@jithinsb (520)
• India
13 Jan 07
I am afraid to give the answer as yes..i dont know whether it is any psycological notion or not. but i had to use mobile phone to converse with my girlfriend without a handsfree for 6 continous hours ,that too on the same side..that is my left whenever i place my phone to speak on my left cheek side,it feels like very hot and irritating..but when i switch to my other ear,then i wont feel that diffculty...i think that long conversation had done some bad effect in me and i hope that it would get heeled i always use a handfree and if not possible i use only my rght side and that too i will stop the conversation within 2 or 3 minutes.. i dont know whether any other problem is in there my body since i am always keeping my cellphone on my shirt pocket..anyway i hope that there wont be any bad effects because now the cellphone manufacturing companies are more careful on those problems..
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• China
11 Jan 07
I think it is very convenient to use a moble phone .We can communicate with our friends at any time .I do not think there will be so many problems .I will continue to use it .
@nuel_h (1592)
• Indonesia
10 Jan 07
i dont know. but i dont believe it coz the technology is advancing and in the near future i believe that there will be some kind of healt cellphone.thanks, and dont 4get to give rate people who deserved it.