Desperate Housewives

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@lumanci (1111)
January 10, 2007 10:30am CST
AND' the story of 5 "inseparable" friends, all with a family, that find to make themselves front (at least in 4) to the death of an of them. Without not any motive apparent Mary Anchovy Young is fired and from this event the onlooker will be catapulted in the daily life of four friends of Mary (the voice of Mary will help to understand us the varied events that succeed). But who they are the protagonists? Lynette I Dig woman of business that leaves the career to dedicate itself to the sons; the husband is always outside for work Gabrielle former Solis top model newyorkese that leaves the career marrying a rich man alone for its money Bree Van Says Kamp mother and perfect wife, at least in appearance, this because the sons and the husband I thought it otherwise Susan Mayer the husband is escaped with the secretary Alone with the daughter, with that it has an excellent relation.
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