receive reiki

@nazneen (123)
January 10, 2007 10:40am CST
When we receive Reiki, a process of purification starts on our material, emocional, mental and spiritual bodys. Reiki will clean negative feelings and emotions and also is goingo to increase our own vital energy. As a result of this increased vital energy, our body gains strength to expell toxins we have acumulated by ingestion of chemicals, pesticides and other artificial things which are on the food we eat, and also the toxins produced by stress and negative emotions. This purification process produces many changes in our lives leading to more health, peaceful feelling and prosperity as we raise our level of vibration. So, while going through this changes, many people feel unconfortable inicially. It´s like when you change to a better job or house and you go through some adaptation time, it may be hard at the begining but after it things go better than before. An attunement process given by a Reiki Master is needed if you want to be enabled to give Reiki to yourself and others. When attuned for the first or any other Reiki degree, a huge charge of energy goes through your body and 21 day cleansing process starts.
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