MyLOT pays us for???

@Bryony (36)
October 2, 2006 11:57am CST
Hello All, I need some specific details on what are the stuff does mylot pays us for? Is it just when we start a new discussion? or is it also while responding any discussion? or does commenting on a discussion also matters? Please clarify me! By the way, I feel glad to be one among you folks! Its fun and I find it as a great media to share my knowledge aswel. And hmm.. I guess talking poeple and 'chat boxes' (lol) can get more out of myLot. Further, I alwas wonder what makes myLOT to pay us just for talking?? How does myLot manages this stuff? Is it by advertisements? or some other means?? Some fishy! hehe Well, See ya guys later! Till then take care!
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