October 2, 2006 11:57am CST
have been living with my boyfriend for 5 years we have been together for 11 years i have a BEST FRIEND (MALE) of whom i love extremely who is married, i use to go out with him about 6 years bacvk but only liked him atthe time now 6 years later i am head over heals for him and we hang out together and have a wonderful time our relationship is very platonic and i do respect his maggiage. I love my boyfriend that i have at home who cheats on me on a very regular basic but i am NO LONGER in LOVE with him..........I want to be with my best friend as i KNOW he can make me happy we have sooo much chemistry and he loves me as well as he texts me all the time and he tells me he loves me but WE NEVER discuss his life nor mine when we are having fun parting or just in each other presence. i would give anything to be with him as thats where my heart is right now Will this Ever happen??????
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@rmuxagirl (7559)
• United States
29 Apr 08
First off: get rid of the man who cheats on you on a regular basis you definitely DONT need him or deserve to be with someone like that. The fact that your best friend is m arried complicates things You dont want to break up their marriage nor do you want to be the other woman.
• Bermuda
30 Apr 08
thanks for the advise but i have left that 12 year relationship and feeling prtty good about it as it was very unhealthy and i am still best friends with my married friend that will never change he is my support system
@SunnyDays (1071)
• Bahamas
2 Oct 06
I think what you need to do IS: Leave that cheating boyfriends of yours and take some time for yourself . Obviously not getting from your boyfriend what someone would expect from a healthy relationship does make you believe that you are inb love with that married friend of yours. IMHO - I don;t think that really is the case - he is taking advantage of your unhappy position ..Read about emotional affairs and you will realize you are in one ..Its very thin ice you are moving on and so is your friend.. Please inform yourself about the effects of emotional affairs and unhappy realtionships and take the lead for your OWN life ... Good luck