January 10, 2007 11:04am CST
why can't I remember my dreams?
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@Shar11 (419)
• United States
10 Jan 07
I think it's something you can work at... I would first start by buying a journal and placing it next to your bed..Get in the habit of writing in it as SOON as you wake up..Write anything you remember or even just how you felt you slept if you can't remember anything else...To even write..No memory right now is ok..Its the act of getting in that habit and putting towards that intention that will slowly start to change.. Before going to bed also state "I will fully remember my dreams when I wake" again..its putting the intention out there.. Some of the reasons we don't remember dreams is because of such a heavy sleep..You are less likely to remember dreams if you dont get enough sleep usually...You may be soo tired that you just fall into a very very deep sleep...Certain medications and alchol also can work against remembering dreams... If you really want to try to train your mind to remember there is something you can do that may sound a bit odd but it will help.. If you go to bed at lets say 10pm ususally..set your alarm for a weird hour..I suggest 4 hours after you anticipate falling asleep..Being woken suddenly like that during a period of REM sleep results in a good chance of remembering something..Again if you plan to try an experiment like that, have your journal ready to immediately write down anything you remember... You definetly can being to remember your dreams by doing a few of these things Ive mentioned above :)