The love letter's Haccker

@v4r13x (92)
January 10, 2007 11:30am CST
If your heart was one system, then I would scan you to know port whatever that was open So As not have doubt during me c:\ nc -l -o -v -e to your heart, but I only brave ping behind anonymouse proxy, this it seems fell in love so as to make me like the loser or me indeed the true loser whatever! If your heart was one system, want to it seems was made use of by me vulnerabilities you, with PHP injection continued I LS -La; find/-perm 777 -type d, so as I tau if in your heart had the folder that could be written on or is there free space for me? Must I rise backdor "Connect-back Re- beads Shell"jadi I was kept waiting the connection from you, although I was not miserable like this." If your heart was one system, during all request I was received by me would nogkrong continued in bugtraq to know bug terbaru you then I would patch n pacth continued, I will guard service you lest crash n I will become firewall you I will rise portsentry, and menyeting error Page you "The Page cannot be found Coz Has Been Owned by Someone get out!" I promised gak will be macelinious the program or service that hidden, because I really love and loved you. If your heart was one system, don't have "your" words "do the note have permission to access it" for me, if ga wanted in ping flood Or DDos Attack, should not...You must become my rescuer's fairy. If your heart was one system,.? But unfortunately your heart not one system, you were my dream fairy that disrupted system I! Sometime in the future I will come and say if in my heart has been infected by the virus that Sweep Away, not there is anti the virus that could ward off him apart from you...
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