@Sawsen (795)
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January 10, 2007 12:20pm CST
I here about a lot of people who sell things on ebay. I was thinking of starting a new business on Ebay, but from the looks of it, there isn't a lot of profit that comes in for many people. Has anyone here ever started a business on ebay? or ever sold anything on ebay? Is it worth trying it? or should i search for something else?
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12 Feb 07
i've sold a few things on ebay and i consider it worth a try because it gives you a chance to sell things that you no longer use or need. if you sell the items in demand then you will make a good profit. electronics like laptops, ipods and plasma tvs are in pretty high demand. on the homepage of the website they give you a little list of the things that are most wanted recently. check it out and good luck selling on ebay. let us know what you are selling just in case i might want or need something you have. thanks.
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10 Jan 07
I sell on ebay and it does help to do some good research to see what things that you want to sell are going for. I've had such a variation on what I've made-sometimes quite a bit for the same item and other times you wonder why it didn't go higher like the last time. There is a risk with any business, but I think that it is possible to minimize some of that by starting slow, researching, and setting prices at a reasonable rate, but one that you can live with if it didn't sell for higher. I also take advantage of the 10 cent selling fee specials when they offer them (about once/month) to save on the ebay fees