does anyone know how to train a dog?

October 2, 2006 12:39pm CST
has anyone got an ebook on how to train a dog.... or if u've got any good tips plz inform me... my lil dashent is peeing and pooping all over my room! :(
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• United States
5 Dec 06
Well, for house training, you basically have to take them out every 2 hrs or so until they get the idea that they're supposed to "go" outside. Other than that, I would recomend going to a store & buying some training books or getting a dog trainer to help you.
@bhchy1 (6050)
• United States
17 Oct 06
There are books check out
• United States
17 Oct 06
have a lab puppy very hard dog to train use puppy pads they work great after about 1 week she started to just go on the puppy pad now she goes outside
@Miranda (728)
• South Africa
12 Oct 06
I have great success "potty" training my puppies this way. If they have a poop ar a pee in the house, just ignore it and the puppy, clean it up and keep on ignoring puppy, but when puppy has a poop or a pee outside I give it PLENTY attention, now puppy knows he/she is getting attention when doing it outside and getting ignored when doing it inside, my puppies cought onto this so quickly, within 2 days, they were trained. Well anyway this is what worked for me.
@dellion (6704)
• Malaysia
12 Oct 06
Wow thats need special skills........