Has anybody had troubles with Ebay?

January 10, 2007 12:39pm CST
I mean, you have paid for an item but it will not be send to you?Or the user doesn't exist?
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@quatelmon (955)
• United States
10 Jan 07
I have never had a real problem on eBay, and have been using it for years. It really is a great tool! I would recommend only buying from people that have a high rating. And, even if they have no rating yet, that's no reason to disregard them as bogus. E-mail them in either case, and make sure that they are good at communicating (and save all the communications!) That's really the best way to insure that you have a positive eBay experiance. eBay also has many rules and regulations in place to help to protect you. I would make sure that you use paypal to pay or to recieve payments. This way you have an official record of what you bought and sold. Also, make sure to save any reciepts from the post office, and ask the seller for tracking or delivery confirmation on your package, so that you can have a number to track your package. eBay is really a great tool. I have never had any problems. Just use your common sense, and you'll be alright! Have you had many troubles on eBay?
• Estonia
10 Jan 07
I haven't had troubles so far either, just wanted to ask for experiences:)Thanks
• Portugal
10 Jan 07
i never had troubles,i only have positive opinions to say about ebay.
@mari61960 (4895)
• United States
10 Jan 07
I'v had a couple of people not pay for items that they won. I have always recieved things I have purchased. I am always careful when making a bid. I check the persons rating, look at any negetive feedback. 2 years ago I listed an Ipod on ebay. The guy that won the item, paid but claimed he didn't recieve it. It all seemed rather fishy to me. He kept telling me, just send another one the post office will pay since it was insured. Well I had lost the reciept from the post office somehow...figures doesn't it. Well anyway the post office did some kind of thing where they send information along the same route that the package went. They said maybe the local mailman would remember delivering it. Well I never heard from the guy again about the Ipod and he all of a sudden was no longer an ebay member. So my guess is he was trying to scam me..It didn't work..lol