Family of three - conspire to con spouses families out of their entire estates!!

May 28, 2006 3:30am CST
*Mother, father and daughter, have all conspire to marry for the sole purpose of conning, swindling, stealing so to eventually end up (legally might I add) controlling their spouse's entire estates. Of course, only upon the spouses demise. Each one of these individuals had "nothing" upon entering into these marriages! In fact, they had never owned a home, much less had any money to invest! Yet, within a very short time after each one married, they conned there way into getting their names placed on the deed of their spouses home. Then they cleverly manipulated the spouse to investing, (with their names included) to secure their own futures. Throughout the years , they each made of how they did not get along with each other, but would continuously and coincidently when out to dine or shop would run into one another time after time. It was later discovered that through out the years of these marriages, the mother (the supposedly x-wife) had resided around the corner from the father (the supposedly x-husband) for years without the knowledge of either one of the spouses. During that time the mother (the supposedly x-wife) had separated from her husband, but never divorced. And, wouldn’t you know - as “LUCK WOULD HAVE IT” not a one of their spouses survived any of them!! The “supposedly x-husband” wife was the first to “kick the bucket” Not leaving much time for grieving, for there was “work to be done” and within weeks the “supposedly x-husband” along with his “supposedly x-wife” (whom he never had anything to do with) were both seen innocently removing files, etc. from the home he had recently acquired/swindled/out right stole (along with all the other money, property) upon his former “beloved wife” last breath . . His tears may have been few, but after all he deserves this - All Of It, for what all he had to endure growing up in the . . . back hills and having to steal food to be able to eat in Carolina‘s, living in a shack with a tin roof and dirt floors ~ He’s finally made it ~ he is literally a millionaire . . . Along with all the prestige that comes along with it And nobody will ever know (or probably care) how others have paid the ultimate price for their "Rags to Riches" ~
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12 Dec 06
i agree... thank you for yr discusion... advance happy new year... have a nice day...