Thank you for so much response - my kid loves to read

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January 10, 2007 3:26pm CST
Wow! so much response. I appreciate the suggestions. Here is the summary of responses: I would welcome more suggestions added to this list. 1. Reading is good. Don't discourage him. 2. It is not bad for eyes. May be but generally not 3. Go outside, to the park, walking, biking, play 4. Look into audio books 5. It is good for his intellectual growth, vocabulary, general knowledge, spelling and more. 6. ??
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11 Jan 07
How about age appropriate content? I think kids who read alot like your son are probably very advanced readers as well. It's very hard to keep up with what is being read if he is reading so much. If he runs into content that he does not understand, does he come to you and ask about it?