People faking it on myLot?

@namd3r (395)
January 10, 2007 4:06pm CST
I've looked around at some of the discussions around here, and some of the questions that people ask, and I always have to think, these people have to know the answers to the questions. I saw a question about "What does HTML stand for?", which I guess could be legitimate if they didn't really know, but then you get 500 people replying with an answer that you could just as easily find with a simple Google search. A friend of mine saw the discussion and how much attention it got, so they decided to make a discussion on what PHP stood for, yet he uses the Internet and is in a web design class and already knows the answer. I just think that a lot of people think of myLot the wrong way. Sure, you can make money, quite a bit if you work at it, but what is the point of making discussions specifically to get replies with an answer that you already know?
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@lauriefnp (5112)
• United States
10 Jan 07
These are among the discussions that MyLot will hopefully eliminate. I would report the discussion as abuse, stating that it was not a discussion; it was a simple question that could have been answered by a simple Internet search. I stay away from answering this type of "discussion" because when MyLot deletes it they will adjust your user rating and earnings, so in the end it is a waste of time. Some people here spend so much time here trying to scam the system. I only hope that the administration gets quicker at eliminating them.
@namd3r (395)
• Canada
11 Jan 07
Those are my hopes, too, that the administration would get quicker at eliminating pointless discussions, because it takes away from the people that post the quality ones and don't get any responses. Oh, how I wish I were an administrator of myLot. For now, yes, we have the report button, which I think is underused, but is very key to the system.